My work is characterised by inquisition, observation and exploration.
There is often a sense of the uncanny, and an unsettling feeling of thinly veiled desperation, perhaps verging on the obsessive.
Always searching for something, although often unaware what that something is until much later.

My practice is diverse and eclectic, embracing elements of photography, video, film, sound, sculpture, illustration, collage, performance and interactivity.

After gaining a BA in Fine Art with First Class Honours at Sheffield Hallam University in 1999, I went on to complete a Masters Degree, also in Fine Art.
Since then I have participated in a number of professional exhibitions and spent five years teaching Art, Design and Media at post-16 level.

From 2006 to 2007 I worked for the BBC and Creative Connexions in the North East of England making films and organising creative projects for young people to get involved in.

I currently work as a freelance film-maker, photographer and web designer based in the North West of England.


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